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Jump to content. Do you have the ability to add excel rules so the text “light” appears in the blue boxes same for the others? That would be great — color deficientiant player. I own tanks. II Ausf. Keep it old school. WhiskeyCyclone, on 03 June – PM, said:. Its called driving a tier 5 tank. Which brings me to a question I’ve had for a long time. The problem will solve itself with time.

Wot blitz premium tanks list

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Gaijin, remove the broken matchmaking and give users the experience they really want. Show me a list of the game room lobbies by battle rating and the number of people waiting in each. I can then decide what level I want to play and if I want to wait for a specific battle rating game to launch. These battle ratings could be split in whatever way makes the most sense: either 1.

It gets really tiring when I run a lineup of 2. Make this fix happen and the game will be so much better. Funny, I knew the first response would be “LTP”. Quit making excuses for a broken system, what investment do you have in it to defend it? I don’t understand why people complain about everything in this game but since this thread is about matchmaking I’ll just say that no one complains when they play with top tier vehicles in a a battle.

I mean If you play like 50 battles with BR 1. This is not a broken system. And on a final word : don’t like it just don’t play it. It’s tiring to see endless threads about the same thing over and over again.

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The LTP is a Soviet tier 3 premium light tank. A proposed light vehicle developed by Lieutenant Provornov in the summer of No prototypes were manufactured. The LTP was a gift tank given to players to celebrate Wargaming’s 15th anniversary , and given to celebrate World of Tank’s 5th anniversary. Despite many of its shortcomings, the LTP benefits from preferential matchmaking which ensures that its always capable of pulling its weight in battle.

At Tier 4, they start to get scout matchmaking, seeing up to Tier 8 tanks. This tank is so fun, every WoT player should have one. Known in the clan as the Learn To Play, the LTP is not a bad light tank, boasting a respectable gun with actual.

Jump to content. RingYourBell, on Oct 07 – , said:. Darkbee2Bee, on Oct 07 – , said:. CanadianGuitar, on Oct 07 – , said:. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. This topic is locked. Darkbee2Bee 1 Posted Oct 07 – Major. If you’re going to run a premium tank that has preferential match making in a platoon, does it make sense for the other players in the platoon, not running Premium to run a tier lower?

However, if my platoon-mates run a tier 5 non-preferential-match-making tank, that means I could see tier 7s in my BP. I assume. That would be bad for me.

Platooning & Preferential MM

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Is LTP on the pref tank list? Maybe it just gets better preferential matchmaking I don’t think any T3 other than a scout sees something THREE.

It has the 2nd highest amount of rear armor 30mm, which it shares with T in the game second to the Pz. Kpfw Ausf. Despite many of its shortcomings, the LTP benefits from preferential matchmaking which ensures that its always capable of pulling its weight in battle. If you apply tactics such as sidescraping, angling, and peek-a-booming, this tank be a fun tank to play in.

With the 30mm of armor at the rear, you can bounce shots if you give the tank a little wiggle while making an escape. You can also reverse sidescrape in this tank. Since its frontal armor value is equal to its rear armor value, you are risking exposing an equal amount of armor millimeter-age if you pull forward too far. This can be of some help somewhere, for sure. Welcome to Wargaming. Blitz Discussion. View Source View history.

Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles

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Tiers of tanks and tiers of battles in WoT game. Light Mk. VIC, 2. PzKpfw I, 2. 3, M3 Lend-Lease, 3, 4. LTP, 3, 4. BT-SV, 3, 4. PzKpfw II ausf. J, 3, 4. T, 3, 4.

By nitetrucker , April 14, in The Ammo Depot. Can I lock this? First, yes we know MM needs some work. Is LTP on the pref tank list? Additionally, after having played some ship games lately, I think MM is fine. First there are the FIVE minute waits for a battle. Then once in to that battle my T2 ships are fleeing from T4 Aircraft Carriers. I know this isn’t the ship forum, but frankly MM is fine.

The LTP should get that There’s a statistical probability of only getting a few in-tier matches anyway Amos are you playing random battles or co-op in ships? Supposedly MM is on the list of Tanks fixes for the year.

Is it worth it? – LTP Review